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any age / private tutoring / 2h

The program is completely customized. 1-on-1 private art class instruction allows your creativity to receive artistic guidance from a professional artist as your teacher. 


This process of art tutoring includes, but not limited to:

  • tailor-made instruction created just for you

  • artistic techniques that support your unique needs and authentic self-expression

  • Develop your artistic voice and visual expression

  • work in artist studio alongside an artist as your tutor 

  • prepare portfolio work

  • refine the conceptual and artistic focus

  • understand why you do what you do.

no commitment for a minimum number of classes is obligated. 


Price List

40 €

pay as you go

weekly payment per session. each 1.5h.

130 €

go with the flow

Monthly payment, weekly sessions. 4 meetings of 1.5 hours per month

depending on the needs *

speeding up

monthly payment. Intense tutoring. Available outside of session hours, and the option to meet more than once a week.

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