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ages: 18 -88 / 4-6 students / 2 hr

This program has been developed in a way that benefits from interaction and variety. This course aims to refine the artistic potential, self-confidence, and observation of what we see as well as what we don't. The studio space gives a chance to disconnect and delve into artistic expression. The personalized and tailored art guide is focused on developing creativity, stimulating learning, and thought-provoking while exposing the student to specific artists, concepts, movements, in connection to the student’s work of interest. 

The process contains weekly meetings and assignments where most classes begin with an art discourse.

We will have weekly discussions and mentoring sessions. During the program, the student will create a body of work that represents their style and theme of work. Every 6 months we will create an exhibition in the gallery, of the best works of the students, giving them the full experience of producing a gallery show. 

Some of the steps the students will take during the course:

 • Formulating an idea, sketching and performing it in a workshop

 • Expressing a verbal defense of the work of art

 • Writing a personal commentary on artwork

 • Developing a group dialogue that respects different positions around art-making.

 • Collaborative work, reflecting the individual's place alongside respect for multiplicity and diversity

 • Creating a quality relationship between content and form

 • Work characterized by innovation, daring, and imagination

 • Testing of materials and ideas

 • connecting with inner thoughts and emotions through art practice 


* meetings will begin in July, please send me an email of interest and your spot will be confirmed. You will receive an email with updates regarding dates and times of reunions.  

96 € monthly (4 classes)

every Monday/ Tuesday @ 16:00 / 19:00


creative intro class


art development

art expo

works of students

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